lace and a gun

ran for miles
not even tired
no looking back
no way home
i can't stop now
they are right behind me
never going away


my way of thinking is all messed up.
it makes me twist and grit my teeth.
i am playing games with myself in my silly head.

and a good man will come to me some day
he will make me better
but i would go crazy
even more insane then i was once before.
i would scream in my pillow and to the stars in the sky

but the stars would just laugh
and i would laugh back
someday that good man and i will be up with those stars in the sky and then they wouldn't laugh at us crazy people anymore



stand with me

smoke fills my eyes
it stings my soul
it burns like a broken heart
why can't you be with me here
just like it used to be 


my eyelids close
i feel the soft clouds falling from the sky
gently brushing against my moist skin
my white dreams are coming to life