the new society

Mia Wasikowska and Micheal Fassbender on the cover of W magazine April 2011
Mia is one of my favorite female actors. She just screams beauty and is simply stunning. Seeing her on the cover of one of my all time favorite magazines this month was just fantastic. Thank you W magazine for putting such  up and comming talents ,such as Mia, on your covers.



i never thought
never thought you would do this to me
we had a promise
but you lied
lied right to my face


make it better

suddenly i want to grow a afro. And now i will have to go out and buy myself a new lace bra like the one seen above.
 Today is the last day of spring break, and i could not be more depressed. Thankfully these photos from V magazine helped make it better.

to the sky

i lift my hands
up to the sky
wishing i could touch the stars
so far away



in the mist
i see your face
you are walking away
walking away from me


shoot me

what they say
it might be true
but i don't listen
not anymore



you pass
i look
but you don't
what happened
we were so close


quick fix

I love the fact that they are all wearing sneekers with these beautiful designer clothes
W Magazine
December 2010 

in a web

Vouge Ittalia
March 2011


vogue Ittalia
 March 2011

backstage Valentino

One day i will see these clothes in person, i will die if i dont.
Paris fashion week
Fall 2011

right now

February 2011
W Magazine


the window is open but the wind dosn't blow in
the shades are up but i can't see threw
the days are ticking by and time is wasting
i'll never be with you